White Fire Bomb THC Diamonds Brisbane




White Fire Bomb THC Diamonds Brisbane

Buy White Fire Bomb THC Diamonds Brisbane – White Fire Bomb Diamonds are a cutting-edge Hybrid mix of spicy-sweet terpenes and psychoactive cannabinoids. Large, chunky, crystal-clear, and coated with an amber strain-specific terp sauce, the flavor expresses explosive traits of candied earth when dabbed.

Sit down, strap in, and get ready for its effects! Introspective and exhilarating, the high from these diamonds allows for greater mindfulness and enjoyment of those special moments. White Fire Bomb THCa Diamonds Brisbane

WiFi OG, also known as White Fire OG, was bred by the team at OG Raskal. The team had created stable genetics named Fire OG and dusted the hybrid with a clone-only The White male to enhance both aroma and potency. The combination proved a success, as WiFi OG is a favorite of many gardens thanks to its strong aroma of fuel and pine, as well as reported sedative effects.

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