White 99 Marijuana Strain Wauchope


70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 25%

Creative, Focus, Long Lasting
May Relieve
Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, Stress


White 99 Marijuana Strain Wauchope

Buy White 99 Marijuana Strain Wauchope Online – White 99 is a Sativa-dominant hybrid weed strain created by crossing the classic The White with the delicious Cinderella 99.

This bud packs a super powerful high that can easily become overwhelming for users who suffer from anxiety or paranoia in the slightest thanks to its heady effects and 25% average THC level. The White 99 high creeps up on you with a slowly building effect, suddenly taking ahold of your mind and body with insane strength.

Thanks to these hard-hitting effects, the White 99 marijuana strain for sale is often chosen to treat conditions such as depression, chronic stress, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and nausea.

This bud has a sweet and sour tangy lemon flavor with hints of zesty orange on the exhale. The aroma is of sour earthy and fresh citrus with a woody pine effect that’s released as the nugs are burned.


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