Typically used to treat things like Chronic pain, Sleep disorders, Cancer, and Epilepsy.



Buy SATORI EXTRACTS – Phoenix Tears AU (RSO) Online. Phoenix Tears, made from the finest extracts having rich medicinal properties, is pure cannabis oil which comes in a 1ml syringe. It contains 412mg THC, 29.4mg CBD, and 27.6mg CBN per 1 ml in an oral syringe package. AU Weed Hub carries a variety of Rick Simpson Phoenix Tears and similar of such finest products.

How to Use Phoenix Tears THC Oil

  1. Place a small amount of it under the tongue for an immediate effect.
  2. You can use it to get relief from the joint pain along with various medical issues.
  3. Make sure to work your way up to identify the right dosage.


You can begin with 1-2 drops under the tongue twice a day. You may want to increase the dosage over time after determining your tolerance level.

Where to Buy RSO Oil or Phoenix Tears Oil? SATORI EXTRACTS – Phoenix Tears AU (RSO)

AU Weed Hub is a well-known, reliable, and leading supplier of cannabis products in Australia. Our quality of products and quality of service have earned us laurels. Explore a wide range of tinctures as well as cannabis oils and hemp oil Rick Simpson online to discover a product that fits your needs.

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