Gelato 41 Live THC Diamonds Canberra


Users report feeling relaxed with this high-potency product.


Gelato 41 Live THC Diamonds Canberra

Buy Gelato 41 Live THC Diamonds Canberra – Gelato 41 by WCC is an Indica-leaning hybrid weed cross of a Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies phenotype and Sunset Sherbet cannabis flowers.

Created from one of the best phenos from the original Gelato strain, 41’s flavor is sweet and fruity with a taste that mimics its nose. Offering a gassed-up hit of baked goods and petrol, its savor lingers on your palate long after your exhale. Gelato 41’s perfectly cured flowers are chunky and well-frosted with potent trichomes.

Mean, green, and flashing multiple hues of purple calyxes, its effects are a pleasant and uplifting experience for the head. A motivating daytime smoke, Gelato 41 pairs nicely with that afternoon cup of joe.


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