Buy Mango Haze Live Resin Diamonds

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Buy Mango Haze Live Resin Diamonds

Buy Mango Haze Live Resin Diamonds Central Coast. This is a Sativa-leaning mix of THCA crystals and terpenes from a Mango Haze phenotype, these diamonds have a spicy aroma that hits the nose with whispers of pepper and exotic fruit. Relaxing and inspiring, they spark a strong sense of curiosity and temporarily transport the senses to a remote tropical island.

  • Mango
  • Pepper
  • Blueberry

Mr. Nice Seedbank developed Mango Haze from the genetics of its award-winning Super Silver Haze line. According to the breeder, Mango Haze is half Haze, a quarter Skunk #1, and a quarter Northern Lights #5, carrying a ripe mango flavor profile and producing copious amounts of resin.


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