Birthday Cake THC Diamonds




Birthday Cake THC Diamonds

Buy Birthday Cake THC Diamonds Online. Birthday Cake marijuana Diamond concentrate for sale is a robust Indica dominant hybrid concentrate.

Produced from fresh frozen flowers that were picked at their height of maturity, these diamonds tap into the flavor of sweet tropical fruit. Shine on you crazy diamond! Birthday Cake’s flavor and sauce profile produces a heady combination of nutty vanilla and skunk. Expressing a delicious floral scent with a high that’s deeply relaxing, these concentrates should be approached with respect.

  • Sweet
  • Earthy
  • Spicy/Herbal

When Aficionados of Cannabis Seed Bank(ACSB) introduced Vishnu Kush to Bubblegum Kush, it produced a sweet sensation called Birthday Cake (also called Birthday Cake Kush).

This cake reportedly delivers 24%-26% THC along with spicy, piney smoke and a sweet taste, according to ACSB.

Birthday Cake delivers relaxing, psychedelic effects, according to ACSB.


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