Payment Guide For Cryptocurrency

You can make payments for orders with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin(BTC), Bitcoin Cash(BCH), Litecoin(LTC), Ethereum(ETC), Dogecoin, and any other coins you will see upon checking out.

You can buy coins easily in less than 7 minutes at Please sign up, verify your email and basic information and you will be able to buy coins with your credit/debit card or your preferred payment method and send it to our wallet address that you will receive when you place your order depending on which cryptocurrency you chose to pay with.

You can pay easily with cryptocurrency if you already have some coins in your Bitcoin wallet, using the 5 easy steps below;

  • Copy the coin address shown in the payment window.
  • Paste this address in the ”send to” field in your wallet.
  • copy the amount from the payment window.
  • Paste into the amount field in your wallet.
  • Send the payment.